Welcome to VIVA Victoria

Ocean View from Dallas Road

Welcome to VIVA Victoria. We are a registered Elector Organization in the City of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The motivation behind creating VIVA Victoria has been our desire to bring principled leadership back to local government, starting from the ground up. With the upcoming municipal elections on October 15, 2022, we hope to do just that.

Unfortunately, a quiet erosion of democratic governance has taken place over the years in Victoria and basic principles of good government and accountability have been abandoned without robust debate. Proponents of radical and undemocratic public policy approaches have held sway for too long. Under the guise of progressive values, they have prioritized initiatives that divide citizens from one another, increase the suffering of our most vulnerable residents, and make life more unaffordable, and public spaces and services more inaccessible, for younger generations, hard-working families and the middle class. The residents of Victoria have endured this undermining of the foundation of respect, honesty, reason and logic for too long. We’ve had enough!

Residents of Victoria are not happy with how our city council and school board have been running things, so now is the perfect opportunity to introduce some new faces and ideas. VIVA Victoria will support candidates who share our common vision of a strong, democratic process and who will be a voice for the people of Victoria.

We have a wonderful team of candidates running for City Council and the Greater Victoria School District 61 Board of Education. They look forward to meeting with you and telling you more about themselves over the coming weeks. We hope you will join us in our effort to bring democracy and common sense back to our beautiful city.

Lastly, if you resonate with our cause, please donate. These eager and brave candidates are “regular folks” who, like many of us these days, have tight budgets. Please help us today.