Not in the Room – Not in the Deal

Three Yellow Chairs overlooking the ocean

It’s my observation that taxpayers and parents are increasingly shut out from participating in the democratic process of policy making and governance at all levels of decision making in our country.

Canadians are nice and trusting folks, generally, so we go along to get along. We trust our institutions to be competent and have our best interests in mind when they make policy.

Many of you will agree that lately there’s been a very large fissure opening up in the fabric of our nation. It’s truly remarkable. Any logical person will concede that it’s because our institutions are failing on multiple levels. The tragic knock-on effect from these failures is that they have created division. The trust we shared is now questionable.

The social contract is being rewritten largely without any input from those most affected by the change of terms. As a result, our trust in our institutions has eroded and there’s a groundswell of concern being voiced by parents and taxpayers.

Currently we have a hybrid Parliament which rarely sits so it barely resembles a house for robust democratic debate and considered policy. The Prime Minister’s Office has been breaking records with the issuance of numerous Orders in Council without any public debate. This is unprecedented and undemocratic.

Provincially, we have a health care crisis of unprecedented proportions and it’s apparent that our ferry system is beginning to systematically fail. Our MLAs and party leaders are completely political as opposed to practical.

Locally, one only has to remember trying to enjoy Beacon Hill Park during its occupation and all the behind the scenes civic manipulations which hid the severity of the terrible situation and quite literally put residents in danger. Over the years poor civic leadership has turned Victoria into the Canadian version of San Francisco.

It’s becoming clearer that there’s a top down global governance model being foisted upon people: you and your kids. It’s based on the theory that they know what’s best for all of us. Vital discussions and debates regarding local control of policy making and governance are quickly becoming taboo. The entrenched decision makers in the unions, school boards, councils, legislatures, boardrooms, NGOs, Big Tech, Big Media, et cetera, are completely moving in lock step now without any concern for what most common people think. They can’t and won’t debate on the merits of their theories so the tactic they use is to demonize.

You are not in the room anymore. These people don’t want you in the deal. You, and your kids, had better get with the program because if you don’t you’ll be smeared, cancelled, ostracized or worse.

I support the People’s Party of Canada. I ran as the MP Candidate for the Constituency of Victoria in the 2021 federal election. We want less government and less intrusion into our lives. It’s an intelligent populist party that wants a Canada run by regular people for the benefit of Canadians. We’re critical thinkers that want a better tomorrow for our children.

I envisioned the Vancouver Island Voters Association and VIVA Victoria as a means to move away from damaging theoretical ideas like defunding the police and free drugs for those on the street, just as a couple off the shelf examples, and towards a return to the model of reasoned logic, respect, and honesty. We need the people to have their voices heard and respected.

VIVA is a place where regular folks with heterodox viewpoints can safely participate in honest debate in order to hash out reasoned and logical policy. Our team has a very broad range of political viewpoints. I’m proud of that.

We want YOU in the room; we want YOU in the deal. Please join our cause. Be courageous. Let’s have our voices heard and all perspectives fairly weighed and considered.

In service to Canada,
John Randal Phipps