We need your help!

We encourage you to make a donation to help us support our candidates in the upcoming election.

We are grateful for whatever amount you are able to contribute.

VIVA relies entirely on fundraising and donations from people like you!

Thank you for your interest in helping to support our candidates. Online donations will be processed using Stripe. Please follow the instructions on the checkout page to complete your transaction.

We can also accept e-transfers. As per Elections BC, we need your full name and residential address to accompany the donation. Please fill out the contact form below and further instructions will be provided upon receipt of your information. Please reach out if you have any questions.

We, and the candidates, are also happy to accept cheques. Please make sure that they are made out to VIVA Victoria, and get in touch so we can arrange a time to meet with you. Thank you!

Please keep in mind when making a donation that:

  1. Your contribution limit for 2022 is $1250 in total, not per candidate.
  2. You must be a resident of British Columbia, and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  3. Organizations and businesses cannot make campaign contributions or reimburse individuals for making campaign contributions.
  4. For donations of $100 or more, your name and the donation amount will be published in the Elections BC Financial Report.
  5. Campaign contributions to local elections candidates and elector organizations are not eligible for tax receipts.
  6. For more information on campaign donations, please visit Elections BC.
  7. Any information you provide us will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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