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School trustees have a lot of power. We need the right people to handle that power and with that power comes responsibility.

Sasha is a concerned citizen who wants to serve her community.

Sasha was born and raised in China, and went to Virginia Commonwealth University in 1988 for her second MA in Education. She taught English at South China Polytech and later at Godwin High School in Richmond, Virginia. However, it's her sound business management skills and judgment that will prove invaluable as a trustee.

Sasha has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for 30 years. With two Masters degrees and successful business experience, she will be a great asset to the school board trustee team.

Sasha is also a parent to two children who are now in their early 20s. She immigrated to Canada in 2006 with her then school-age children. Although she had the option to enrol her children in private schools, she chose to place them in public schools in Oak Bay. This was because she believes in public education.

Sasha will focus on optimization of the school fund allocation to ensure that students get classes in Music, Arts, and Civics, as well as improved access to counselling.

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