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My story is your story!

I share the same issues as the wider public: lack of affordable housing, a living wage, and stress.

Victoria is the first place I have ever lived that I freely chose of my own volition and I hope Victorians choose me to represent their needs and those of this marvellous city.

Having lived in a German city of comparable size and population to Victoria that had no homelessness, I know this is possible. I intend to use similar policies to eradicate the suffering of our homeless population.

Sandy is unconventional, yet reliable and a classic liberal.

Born in Newfoundland to European parents, Sandy was the baby of 10 siblings. Sandy's father served in WWII as a paratrooper, and spent two years in a prisoner of war camp. Tragedy struck when her beloved father died of cancer when Sandy was the tender age of 12, setting her life on a completely altered trajectory.

Sandy has three grown children, but while being a single mom, still managed to attain a Bachelor of Arts focusing on Global Governance. She has taken various additional courses at the Masters level, and also served in the primary Army Reserves. Having lived overseas in Germany, Sandy learned effective and applicable policies based on the German Social Democratic System for eradicating homelessness. Sandy has worked for several notable non profits: UNICEF, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill, providing her with a large breadth of community engagement experience. She is also a boxing enthusiast who regularly trains at a local gym.

Sandy previously launched her own start up, a Canadian themed cafe in Leipzig, Germany called Canada House. She later proposed the Community Project, an initiative in collaboration with the German Red Cross to address the growing epidemic of depression. Sandy has a lifetime of commitment to improving her community and trying to find realistic solutions to our deep, complicated social issues. Her campaign has a focus on mental health needs offering practical health solutions to combat depression and anxiety.

Like many of you, Sandy has dealt personally with grief, and is searching for more affordable rent. The success of these policies and platforms matter to her, it's personal!

*Fun fact: Sandy is a trained Argentine Tango Dancer.

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