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A critical thinker, Roberta has boundless common sense and has perfected the talent of explaining complex ideas simply.

Public schools are trying to do too much by insisting that they can solve the world’s problems, be it racism, mental illness, gender equality, or climate change. They are ignoring our children’s educational needs.

Public schools need to focus on teaching the basics and using precious resources in the classroom, not pushing government agendas. The return to traditional teaching methods, tried and true, and to traditional curricula will benefit all children.

Roberta is generous, positive, and optimistic.

Roberta began her teaching career in Special Education in Saskatchewan, where she prepared a wide range of learning activities for special needs children. She worked hard to build a school environment that was a welcoming and nurturing place to bring out each student’s unique talents and install a belief that they were valuable contributing members of the school. From there, Roberta went on to earn her BSc and began teaching in elementary and middle school in Regina. During this time, she also participated in job and home exchanged with teachers in various parts of England.

As a now-retired public-school teacher, Roberta has witnessed the academic rigour in our public schools decline over time, impeded by curriculum unrelated to the fundamental knowledge and skills that children require for success upon graduation. Valuable class time is consumed with topics and information on the fashions, ideologies and political agendas of the times. Graduating students are seriously unprepared in basic skills due to the lowering of standards, grade inflation and the use of resources that have been dumbed down. The focus of the curriculum should be on the teaching of critical thinking, reading, writing, math, geography, history, civics and the sciences. Creative arts and physical education should also be given importance. There are simply not enough hours in the school day for anything else. Roberta has seen many parents opting out, either to home school or place their children in private schools, which is a strong indication that they too are dissatisfied with the performance of our public schools.

Roberta believes so strongly in the need to return the focus of our schools to a place of academic learning, that she is forgoing the lazy days of retirement to devote her time to the role of school board trustee in District 61. Our children need to be equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in their future endeavours, and that will involve ensuring that fiscal and other resources are spent in the right areas to accomplish this.

Roberta will work hard to ensure that our schools are a place where children, regardless of race, ethnic group, or gender, can thrive and flourish. She will encourage the return to dignity, modesty, privacy, and reserve, and help children understand that good character is their most valuable asset. Most importantly, she wants schools to honour the values and beliefs of the parents, the families, the churches and social groups in which children have matured.

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