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School should be for learning essential skills

People who make decisions for our children should be responsible and have the children's best interests at heart.

Oliver is a concerned citizen who cares about our city.

Oliver was born in China and raised in a teacher's family; his parents were his elementary and middle school teachers. Oliver completed a Bachelor of Science degree in 1986, and immigrated to Canada as a marine biologist in 1999.

Oliver became a Canadian citizen in 2005, and wants to make a useful contribution to our country. As an immigrant, he knows firsthand the struggle many face, and that cooperation and hard work are the path to success. He has a strong sense of community betterment and has been working as a community service assistant for more than six years now. In that role he supports people with developmental disabilities in community settings to help make their lives more meaningful. Oliver also practices TCM (Acupressure and Tuina massage) at a local clinic. Oliver is a well-connected, and respected, leader in the Chinese community, and he hopes to encourage the Chinese community to take more of an interest in municipal politics.

Oliver is a popular singer in the Chinese community, and believes that music is good for the soul. He would like to see music and arts funding for early childhood education. Oliver's daughter studied in School District 61 from elementary school through to high school, so he has experience with the local school system as a parent, and will bring compassion and common sense to the school board.

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