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Victoria can afford to house its homeless population and city council can pave the way.

The new City Council will engage in more dialogue with their hard-working and tax-paying citizens.

Muller is a team-work oriented person ready to listen and work for you.

Muller is a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Science student at the University of Regina, and had the special privilege to conduct research during the summer of 2021 in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Muller recently moved to Victoria in September 2021, and is the father of a beautiful four-year-old girl. He is presently studying for his LSAT and hopes to enter the JD Law program at the University of Victoria in Fall 2023.

Muller is self-employed and the CEO/Founder of Optic Security & Self-Defence Inc. His client is Country Grocer, and he is currently working to reduce property loss for their Esquimalt Road and Royal Oak locations. He joined the security industry because of his passion for public and private safety, and enjoys his role in supporting the industry.

Muller has enjoyed many hobbies in his life, such as skateboarding, surfing, swimming and basketball. Muller loves to learn new things about other cultures around the world, and is always happy to talk about his cultural experiences as a Canadian who has lived in South Africa and the DRC.

Muller is very excited about running for Victoria city council, and is looking forward to helping tackle some important issues, including working to address homelessness, zoning dilemmas for project development, and traffic flow for both cyclists and motorized vehicles. Muller is ready to bring new ideas and additional support to City Council.

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