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People who make decisions for the city should be held accountable

The last two years have left us vulnerable. I want to secure the means that will sustain us into the future.

Julia is approachable, generous, and has a great sense of humour.

Julia was brought to Canada from South America as a child, by her first generation immigrant parents who were escaping their homeland’s dictatorship. She has lived in all three Prairie provinces, and has resided in Greater Victoria for the last four years. She has always valued Canada’s democratic ideals, which helped her form her own principles.

Julia has had a variety of life and work experience in the private and public sector. A career in the travel and tourism industry, as a travel agent and an airport representative for domestic charter airlines. Her flexible and adaptive nature also opened up opportunities in administrative work, and in manufacturing and construction work. She even went to Taos, New Mexico to learn about sustainable earthships (sustainably built homes made with a strong foundation of recycled tires).

She is currently working in a unionized job but also managed a small business for several years as an owner/operator of a 5-ton truck. In between all of that, she managed to raise three kids and be a proud stay-at-home mom, her best job ever.

Her aim if elected to serve on Victoria City Council, will be to bring to the forefront true sustainable living, commencing with food security by turning lawns into veggie and edible flower gardens – weeds aren’t all bad, many have medicinal value!

To tackle the issue of homelessness, she aspires to spearhead a project involving tiny homes where families and seniors may live in harmony while contributing to their community garden. Those that suffer with addiction, and that make up a large demographic of the homeless population, also need a sense of purpose. The vision is one of Habitat for Humanity meets food forests.

Regarding transportation, Julia believes we are missing a train. With the growth our island is experiencing, we need mass transport to offset the congestion on our roads.

Julia believes much can be accomplished with less bureaucracy and red tape, and by simplifying to get things done. Efficiency is her ambition, sustainability will be the end result.


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