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Jeremy will hear all voices, and make decisions with compassion and common sense

Victoria's splendid natural beauty and rich cultural heritage have earned it a reputation as one of the best places to live.

Sadly, this reputation is slipping as local government puts ideology over citizens' real-life concerns.

Let's restore our 'triple-A' credit rating on issues of Accessibility, Affordability, and Accountability.

Jeremy is a logical thinker who seeks liberty and justice for all.

Born and raised in Victoria, Jeremy Maddock received his BA in political science in 2011 and law degree in 2016, both from UVic. Since 2010, he has worked as a legal consultant, providing research and writing services for lawyers, and representation of disputants in traffic court. Jeremy believes that the justice system must be accessible to all, because everybody deserves a voice at the table where our laws are interpreted, and where our laws are made.

Jeremy understands that citizens know their own interests better than politicians. He is running for Council to fix a deficit in accountability. If elected, Jeremy will give a voice to the people of Victoria, striving to make this City accessible, affordable, and livable for those who call it home.

Between busy workdays, Jeremy is an enthusiastic boater, a member at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, and a frequent walker of Victoria's neighbourhoods. He is constantly impressed by the astounding natural beauty of Vancouver Island, and wants to help restore Victoria as the "triple-A" city it deserves to be.

Accessibility: Open roads. Richardson, Haultain, Government, and Vancouver Streets must be commuter friendly. Clover Point and Beacon Hill Park must be accessible to seniors and those with disabilities.

Affordability: Tax incentives for private homeowners to create affordable housing. No regressive taxes on shopping bags and coffee cups.

Accountability: All decisions must be made in consultation with the people. Removing statues and renaming streets undermines the noble goal of reconciliation.

Opinion: Affordable Housing Requires an Understanding of Incentives


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