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A dedicated advocate and friend to the residents of Victoria

Victorians do not want a city council that votes to defund Remembrance Day ceremonies. Or that takes in the homeless with no regard for the safety of those parties involved.

Victorians want a mayor and council that listens and works for the betterment of all residents of Victoria.

Jason is a good man, always striving to make the day a better one for those around him.

Jason Jones was born and raised in a large, caring family with three younger siblings in Campbell River. Growing up it was weekend adventures into the island's wilderness, or competing in community sports leagues, river and stream clean ups, and the rehabilitation of salmon spawning beds and fry protection areas. After high school, he set out alone to Asia, where he spent several years, preferring to learn from the school of life over an institution. He has had many life experiences, encountering a wide variety of people, and strives to always treat others with honesty, fairness and respect.

Jason is a critical thinker, patient, and possesses a strong desire to see others succeed. A talented and creative hobby artist, he is also a keen problem solver. He strives to help others prioritize their goals and find solutions. He knows how life-changing it can be. That is how he intends to help the residents of Victoria with affordability issues, by searching for solutions in an ever-changing world, and part of that is pushing back on restrictions that limit choices, whether they be in heating, cooking or commuting, to allow for a free and open market. It is always bad for those less privileged when no other options exist.

Jason has lived and worked in Victoria for seventeen years. Currently he is working in a local seniors community, where he has become a favourite employee and respected colleague due to his compassion and understanding. A strong desire for accountability has led to him becoming one of the shop stewards for his fellow unionized co-workers. A key part of Jason's Triple "A" approach to good governance is focused on improving accessibility for all. Now with encouragement and support, Jason is running for Victoria City Council as well as CRD Director to help keep our city and its communities strong.

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