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Every child is unique and every child needs to pass milestones in order to be successful.

Janice wants to give back to her community in a meaningful way.

Janice has been living in Victoria for 23 years. Her work background is diverse, ranging from retail, manufacturing, computer support and most recently as a health care aide. As a single parent, her two children went through School District 61 and she helped out by volunteering for various activities during the school year. Janice was an involved parent at the co-op preschool, on the band PAC in middle school and PAC Treasurer in high school.

As a school board trustee, Janice would like to bring about change. Hope for the future and positive support for the students is more essential now than ever before. Janice is concerned about the mental health of our society as a whole and realizes the need to support the mental health and social and emotional wellness of all students and staff.

Next to mental health need is an equal requirement to uphold quality education by ensuring more support in the classroom. Teachers need support and require assistance, especially in the younger grades for children with learning challenges.

Janice believes in open, honest and authentic communication and has related experiences in non-violent communication. Transparent communication between schools and the parents is a fundamental element of academic excellence.

Balancing the budget is a top priority but only without compromising the high standards of education. Budget concerns need to be addressed to provide and include academic fundamentals including enhanced art programs and physical education to ensure intelligent, well balanced graduates.

Janice would consider it an honour to give back to her community and work to make sure the next generation of children will be walking into a bright future.

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