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Emmanuel is a local entrepreneur, husband and father who does not recognize the Victoria he grew up in anymore.

Born in Québec, Emmanuel moved to Victoria at a young age and didn't speak a word of English when he first arrived. He did all his schooling here in French. After graduation, Emmanuel took General Sciences at UVic and studied Kinesiology at the University of Alberta where he competed with the varsity Golden Bears wrestling team. In 2002 he graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Southern California University of Health Sciences. Tree planting, commercial fishing and other odd jobs helped him pay his way through school. Emmanuel practiced in California for four years before moving his exercise rehabilitation and chiropractic clinic back to his hometown in 2006. He has practiced chiropractic medicine for 20 years and is married with four children.

A strong advocate for public safety and law enforcement, Emmanuel wants to work with the Victoria Police Department and community non-profit sector that serves people living with homelessness, addictions and mental health challenges. As a city councillor, he wants to coordinate with all parties to find solutions that reduce the distress of vulnerable people, end incentives to move from other parts of Canada to live in suffering on our city streets and make Victoria a safer and more welcoming place for all.

Emmanuel wants to see a Victoria that is more accessible for all commuters, including those who rely on cars and buses for transportation. He believes recent city administrations have gone too far in cutting off vital transportation routes and overbuilding bike lanes that benefit a select urban minority able to comfortably commute by bike. This creates unnecessary traffic jams for commuting workers, worsens vehicle emissions and decreases Victorians' quality of life and ease of travel.

Victoria's city budget has now ballooned to $274 million annually. Emmanuel seeks to reduce unnecessary spending and pass the cost savings on to taxpayers in the form of lower residential and commercial property taxes.

A vote for Emmanuel Parenteau is a vote for a safer, more accessible and affordable Victoria for all.

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